I Can Beat Your Drum - Various - Victims Of Circumstances (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. From Hauke Freer's MY BEAT debut 12” in to Matthias Reiling's “Das Gespenst von Altona” LP in , SESSION VICTIM have released a ton of funk via REAL SOON, MORRIS AUDIO, HAIRY CLAW, DOG, GIEGLING, Hauke's vinyl only imprint RETREAT and most recently WOLF MUSIC.
  2. 'Play That Beat Mr. Raja' is a gobsmacking compilation of recordings made for the Tamil film industry, taking in all manner of bizarre mid-late '80s sonics in the most beguiling, mindblowing manner. Like Charanjit Singh's 'Ten Raga's To A Disco Beat' or the Tafo Brothers' 'Plugged-in Pakistani Pops' it's an ear-opening exposé of the nascent, yet hugely sophisticated, electronic productions.
  3. OK, a quick run-through - 'Circumstances Quickly Became Questioned' is a brief stalker with a building hollowed-out dystopian synth with murky samples. the first full track being 'Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins' which has a tentative, maudlin stumbler of a beat and various grainy, eerie synth-lines that creep in and out of the dark ambient mix.
  4. Feb 24,  · Starr put the money toward his own Lotus Foundation — a charity that provides support for victims of domestic violence, cancer research, the homeless, and other noble causes. Even if you aren’t in possession of this original vinyl, copies with low serial numbers will still fetch a high price — A sold for $13, in
  5. The longest song is the 8 ½ minute opener, She Said, which is a sort of weepy love song with lots of Mellotron and heavy guitar lines and some great bass work and drum fills from Pritchard. The middle section the music comes to an abrupt halt to a salutary whistle before more Mellotron/ drums and then a great guitar solo from Lees.
  6. Mar 06,  · Sometimes I’m disappointed. But all you can do is keep pushing and thinking strategically and tactically about how you push. And that ultimately makes me feel like we’re doing the right thing. There’s a question that you raise in the very beginning of your book which you said drove you to .
  7. Fiction's lightness in relation to Sleep No More does not come as much of a surprise. Perhaps only a song-by-song cover of Nico's Marble Index would've topped Sleep No More in terms of bleakness, so it didn't really require a conscious effort on the part of the Comsat Angels to use some brighter tones and leave a little room to breathe on their third album. In fact, Fiction begins with a song.
  8. Reggae record collection for sale,49 albums and 2 12's so there's 51 records in total. Various reggae styles etc vocals,dance hall,ragga all good stuff. Condition of the vinyl/sleeve is either very good/excellent. Different era in this pile. Va.

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