Hymn VI - Mortuus Dependere Arbore Pomum Similis

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  1. Bullas multas Apostolicas Bonifacii VIII, Urbani VI, Bonifacii IX, & Alexandri V, per quas ait Sanctorum Tudertinæ ecclesiæ Cassiani, Callisti, Fortunati, Romanæ ac Dignæ corpora authenticata respective fuisse, id est, opinor, agnita legitime non tantum universim ut corpora Sanctorum vera & cultu digna; sed etiam sigillatim unumquodque.
  2. HYMN I. This hymn is mentioned by Fortunatus, the biographer of Hilarius. In the Benedictine edition of the works of Hilarius, Veronae, , fol. ii., p. , it is given as the hymn referred to in a letter to his daughter Abra, about the end of the year , in which he says, "Interim tibi hymnum matutinum et serotinum misi, ut K.
  3. adam's. latin g r a m m a r, with some improvements, and. the. following additions: rules for the right pronunciation of. the. latin language ; a. metrical key to the odes of horace; a.
  4. Croatiae auctores Latini: Latin texts of Croatian authors and authors connected with Croatia, c.
  5. page [unnumbered] page [unnumbered] page [unnumbered] a handbook of latin poetry' containing selections from ovid, virgil, and horace, with notes aind grammia tical references. by j. h'. hanson, principal of the classical institute, waterville, me. and w. j. rolfe, master of the high school, cambridge, mass.
  6. S Sabaeus Sabaeus adj., Σαβαῖος, Sabaean, of Saba in Arabia Felix): tus, V.: terra, O. sabbata sabbata ōrum, n, σάββατα Hebrew, the seventh day.
  7. Hymn V - Virtute Vexilli Sathanas: B2: Hymn VI - Mortuus Dependere Arbore Pomum Similis: Notes Limited to 50 copies. Each copies is dedicated to its owner on the back cover. Other Versions (2 of 2) View All. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# 4/5(1).
  8. Bene praecedet ante illum, qui praenuntius natus, praenuntius mortuus est. Bene etiam iungitur in spiritu et virtute Eliae. AMBROSE; But we need no testimony that St. John turned the hearts of many, for to this point we have the express witness of both prophetic and evangelical Scriptures. For the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare.

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