Im Afraid

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  1. Synonyms for 'I’m afraid': I’m sorry, I/we regret to inform/tell you that, my (humble/deepest/sincere etc) apologies, I beg your pardon, excuse me.
  2. I Am Afraid synonyms. Top synonyms for i am afraid (other words for i am afraid) are i fear, i worry and i am concerned.
  3. Kelvin Ekerete Beirut-based Nigerian footballer Ifeanyi Vincent says he would have loved to return to the country after the explosion that rocked the Lebanon capital on Tuesday, but is afraid of g.
  4. Aug 02,  · I’m afraid of getting COVID or passing it to other people. I’m afraid of the protesters who burn property as well as the police who beat people who have their hands up — afraid equally of.
  5. Mar 09,  · I am afraid for the moment, but I know where to turn when I am afraid. And when I cast my fears on him, he casts away all my fears. “I shall not be afraid.” Anytime you see someone move from “I am afraid” to “I shall not be afraid,” you should ask how. Knowing David overcame fear might mysteriously inspire someone who is afraid, but.
  6. Aug 09,  · But I’m not afraid of grizzly bears. I don’t know anybody infected by the coronavirus, but I take the same general precautions I’ve taken my entire life to avoid getting sick. Mostly that.
  7. "I'm Afraid My Husband is Going to Kill Me" Duration: 2 days ago. Caitlin says her husband, Jim, abuses her, and she’s scared for her life. Jim admits he has a hot temper but says his wife.
  8. I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself. Thinking about death and dying is common—but scary! Death is so mysterious, and final—and suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The problem might be feeling too miserable to go on, or feeling like you don’t belong in this world or don’t deserve to be here.

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